Water Resistant Coating

This coating is formulated to have water resistance property for Paper & Paper Board. The Film forming property resists water penetration on porous surfaces.

Our coating is economical & possesses excellent water repellency.

WP Coat

WP Coat is water-based acrylic binder, developed for providing water proof coating on paper / paper board. Its an acrylic emulsion developed in such a way, so as to give the desired film properties and characteristics of water resistance.

Features of WP Coat
  1. High solid content results in higher water resistance.
  2. Very fine dispersion.
  3. Free flowing characteristics gives easy handling.
  4. Good storage ability.
  5. 100% food grade / 100% recyclable.
  6. Anti bacterial / anti fungal.
  7. Coating is flexible – does not crack on folding.
  8. Easy to apply.
  9. Imparts gloss to the coated surface.
BaseMonomers Water BasePoly Acrylates
Solid Contents 45% + / – 2
pH 8 + / – 1
Ionic Nature Anionic
  • WP Coat can be easily diluted by adding water to the emulsion with gentle stirring.
  • You can apply WP Coat through brush. This is the most cheapest mode through which this can be applied.
  • You can apply WP Coat through pasting machine. Put WP Coat in the tray and pass 3 ply / 5 ply / 7 ply corrugated board through the rollers of the pasting machine.
  • You can apply this coating through Roto Gravure Printing Machine.
  • You can develop a special coating machine to apply WP Coat.

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