MEK 89

General purpose, non-film forming styrene acrylic polymer emulsion

Is a General Purpose, Non-Film Forming Rheology Controlled (RC) Styrenated Acrylic Emulsion That Provides Gloss, Clarity, And Non-Blocking And Fast Drying Properties To Overnight Varnish Formulations.

Technical Specifications
Appearance Translucent Emulsion
pH 8.3
Non-Volatile, % 48
Viscosity, cps* 500
Density at 25° C, g/cm3 1.05
Acid Number, NV 50
Molecular Weight, Mw >200,000
Freeze/Thaw Stable Yes
Tg, degree °C 98
Minimum Film Forming Temp., degree °C >80
Total VOC, % weight 0.8

*Brookfield LVF #2 spindle, 30 rpm, 25°C. These typical values should not be interpreted as specifications.

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