Water Base Inks

Aqua(Water Base Ink) flexo inks have been specially formulated for surface printing on various substrate like paper, Board & film. Aqua inks offer good print-ability, high gloss & high colour strength at low viscosity. A separate range & shade are available for label inks. The careful choice of resin included in Aqua Inks give clean printing & good quality. Aqua Inks dry rapidly on absorbent substrate such as white duplex or Kraft paper.

Water Based flexographic Inks are formulated for printing on Kraft Paper, Jute Bags, Non-Woven sacks, Paper Bags, Tissue Paper, Paper Gum Tapes to name a few.

  • Easy to use
  • High Color Strength
  • Quick Drying
  • High Scuff Resistance
  • Low V.O.C’s
  • ROHS compliant
Points to remember
  • For High Speed Automatic Flexo Printers, low viscosity inks are used.
  • The container should be always tightly covered. The ink from the Ink Tray should be stored separately and should not be mixed with the unused Ink Container.
  • The PH & Viscosity should be maintained using additives. Details given below.


Additive Code
Viscosity Stabilizer MEK 92
PH Adjuster MEK 93
Anti Foam MEK 94
Slow Drying MEK 95
Fast Drying MEK 96

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