Ruling Inks for Notebook

Ruling InksMekab Ruling ink performs on all current papers used for the production of forms, notebooks, foolscap Paper etc. We have both Dye Based & Pigment based inks. Pigment Based Inks provide improved light fastness and are improved waterproof. Additionally using pigment based ruling inks result in a far sharper print. The inks are suitable for high-speed production. The formulation assures high quality line printing.


Multi-station Flexo Printers.

Product Applications

Notebooks, Examination Sheets.

Plate Specifications

Suitable for low thickness plates, ink suitable for line job.


Violet, Black, Green, Magenta.

Ink Properties

Ink System: Both dye and pigment based inks available.ruling-inks-wide
Viscosity: Low
Water Resistance: Poor for some dye based inks. Good for all pigment based inks.
Drying: Needs blowers for very high speed machines.
RoHS Compliance: No for dye-based. However, pigment based inks are RoHS compliant.
Resolubility: Excellent.

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