There are many industry sectors that use dyes, colorants and pigments in their internal processes. With the rising demand of the product, both the quality and the variety of the dyes, colorants and pigment products have seen a major change. These include:

Water Base Inks :- Corrugation Industry, Labeling.
Ruling Inks :- Asbestos Industries, Notebook Industry
Marking Ink :- Pharmaceutical Industries, and varies products of marking.
Solvent Base Inks :- Plastics printing for foods, laminates, cement bags and all types of plastics.
Water Proof Coating :- Corrugation Industry and Fiber drums.

Printed Tape, Printed Corrugated Box, Cement Bags, Tissue Paper


We are in the domestic market actively within the short span of time. There is a high demand for our product in the domestic market as well as in the export market.


As a responsible manufacturer, we sincerely offer the following to our customers:

  • Better quality products.
  • Economical rate.
  • Timely delivery.
  • Prompt service.

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