Solvent Base Inks

These Inks are formulated for printing on Non-Porous Surface Such as LD, HDPE, BOPP , Polyester to name a few.



  • Easy to use
  • High Gloss
  • Quick Drying
  • High Scuff Resistance

These Inks find application on polyester, treated BOPP, treated polyethylene, polypropylene, board and paper, aluminum foil etc. These diverse applications are available in full range of shades.

These Inks are divided in to following categories based on the application surface: –

Poly Inks

These Inks have High Gloss and Excellent Printability, Besides Polythene, these can also be used on other subsets like Cellophane (PT & MST), Polypropylene (Treadted), PVC.

These Inks are suitable for Polyester, having High Quality & Maximum Pigmentation resulting in maximum Mileage and very clear fine dots in printing. The net result is that output gets Glow Finish and Excellent Gloss.

Surface Inks

These Inks are recommended for Metalised Surface. They are based on pigments and Dyes. Dye based Inks give Superior Gloss, enhanced print sharpness and Sheen.

HR (Heat Resistant) Surface Inks

These Inks are Heat Resistant and are used extensively for packaging of conectionary items. These inks are suitable for Metalised Surface. These Inks are again based on both Pigments and Dyes. Dye based inks have sharper and finer print results.

Foil Inks

These Inks are used on Foil, Blister and Glassine Paper, mainly for Pharmaceutical Products. These Inks have Good Gloss and are Heat Resistant.

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