Flexo Inks for Kraft Paper

Aqua Inks – Flexo water-based inks for paper, board and film

AquaAqua Water Base Flexo Inks have been specially formulated for surface printing on various substrate like Kraft & Duplex Paper, Board & Film. Aqua Inks offer Good Print-ability, High Gloss & High Color strength at low viscocity. A separate range & shade are available for Label Inks. The careful choice of resin included in Aqua Inks gives clean printing & Good quality. Aqua Inks dry rapidly on absorbent surface substrate such as white duplex or kraft paper.

Technical data and working advice


Only water should be used to reduce Aqua inks as other solvents may seriously effect the performance properties of the Inks.

Roller & Stereos:

Aqua is based on water so all rubber stereos and polymer plate are safely used. The only restriction on rollers is that mild steel should be avoided as this is liable to rust.

Wash Up:

Water is quite satisfactory for washing up Aqua Inks. However if the Inks are allowed to dry fully on rollers & stereo, glycol either solvent, a mild alkaline solution or a specialist wash may be necessary.

Colour Range:

Aqua Inks are avaliable in range of base colours which are intended for use as a comprehensive blending scheme.

Resistance Properties:

Although Aqua Inks are water soluble, they give a dry print, which is sufficiently water resistant for normal applications.


Aqua Inks contain a large proportion of water, it should not be stored in freeze temperature.

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